I am a postgraduate journalist at the University of Sheffield who is looking to get into sports journalism.

My dream, like most little kids, was always to be a professional footballer but sadly my “career” was curtailed after a succession of knee and back injuries. Whilst the footballing world has been robbed, my enjoyment of sport has continued to burn and one day I would love to find myself communicating my passion on the widest possible forum.

Playing sport has had a massive impact on my life. Sport can teach valuable lessons about hardwork, teamwork and dealing with winning and losing in a manner that no other can.

My main sporting passions are F1 and football but also keenly follow cricket, rugby union and tennis. Chances are if there is something to know about football, I will know it!


  1. Jaya says:

    Hi Tom, it was through Kanishkaa that I came to know of you and started following you on Twitter; I wish you luck with your career and hope you make it big in sports journalism. I used to pretend I could write race reports when I started following F1 some years ago- I don’t do that much now, blame changing priorities- but I’m glad to be able to talk to someone who is so actively involved with the sport, and I hope to learn a bit about sports journalism this way.

    Good luck!

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