Hong Kong to host F1?

Posted: June 22, 2011 in Hong Kong, June, News
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Alguersuari takes to the streets of Hong Kong

Hong Kong is the latest high-profile venue looking to host a Formula 1 race after a successful test demonstration by Toro Rosso in the city`s streets.

The city’s motorsport president, Wesley Wan, was left stunned when a crowd of 43,000 lined the streets to watch Jaime Algueruari in the demonstration event on Saturday and it has sparked real interest in joining the F1 race calendar.

“This was the first step in gaining the support of the people,” Wan told the South China Morning Post.

“We wanted to raise the exposure of Formula One by staging the live show, and I hope it will lead to Hong Kong hosting a grand prix race one day.

“My dream is that Hong Kong, like Singapore, Malaysia and China, will be a stop on the grand prix circuit.”

Although there are currently three street circuit venues on the F1 calendar, Wan said: “If Monte Carlo and Singapore can have it, why can’t Hong Kong?”

But Hong Kong`s hopes may be dashed as the calendar is already jam-packed and some teams are unhappy with the number of races as it already stands.

This year sees the inaugural Indian Grand Prix and with Austin debuting next year and Sochi joining the calendar in 2014, the prospect of racing in Hong Kong at present seems slim.

In recent years Rome, London and New York have all been rumoured to host F1 races but all were ruled to be logisitically impossible.


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