Renault tobacco row stubbed out

Posted: June 6, 2011 in Canada, News, Renault
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John Player sponsored Lotus during the glory days

Renault will be allowed to race in its black and gold livery weekend after reaching an agreement with the Quebec authorities.

The team, sponsored by Lotus this year, designed this year’s colour scheme in accordance with the Lotus’ 1980s livery – when they were sponsored by John Player.

Although the 2011 car has no tobacco branding, there was some concern that the livery would need changing to meet the local non-tobacco advertising policy.

Eric Boullier, team principal said: “We’re delighted to be able to race in Montreal in our usual colour scheme.

The Quebec authorities noted that the current livery makes a reference to images from the 1980s when the car was sponsored by the tobacco industry, but it has also accepted the fact that Lotus Renault GP receives no direct or indirect financing from the industry.”

Renault have agreed to review their colour scheme before next season’s race.


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