Pirelli’s golden touch

Posted: April 7, 2011 in Malaysia, News, Pirelli

New colour scheme should help fans

Pirelli have changed the appearance of their soft tyres after complaints from fans that it was impossible to differentiate between compounds.

They will add a gold stripe to the gold writing on their soft tyres at this weekend’s Malaysian Grand Prix. It should prevent any confusion with the silver markings on the hard compound.

“We have had obviously a number of comments that people could not recognise the tyres, and the stripe is not an ideal solution,” Pirelli’s director of motorsport Paul Hembery said.

“For Turkey, we will have a much stronger branding on the sidewall. We won’t have the stripe; we will connect up the Pirelli and P-Zero wording with more bands of colour.

It will mean that as it rotates, the black won’t dominate. It will look like a turning circle of yellow – and be predominantly yellow in colour.

“We will do the same branding for all of the different compounds. From the testing we have done so far, it seems to work very well,” he said.

For the 2011 season there are four colour-coded types of tyre: super-soft, soft, medium and hard. For each race Pirelli will take two compounds which must be one-step apart from each other to try and improve racing.

The Italian tyre manufacturer returned to Formula 1 in Australia after a twenty year absence.

There were pre-season concerns that the tyres would disintegrate at an extreme rate but Sergio Perez amazed the paddock by completing the Australian Grand Prix with a one-stop strategy. But the Malaysian heat and humidity is expected to be a bigger test for Pirelli.


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