Austin powers ahead for 2012

Posted: April 5, 2011 in News
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The new racetrack at Austin will be ready to host a race in 2012 according to its owners.

“Right now as it stands, all of our construction milestones are on track,” said Jeff Hahn, the owner of Hahn Texas, a public relations firm hired by F1 promoters in February.  

“It’s an aggressive schedule. We are planning on a June 2012 opening day. A lot of other tracks like this have been built in the same amount of time.” 

Footage released at the end of last week showed significant progress had been made in recent months at the Elroy site and a clear outline can now be seen from above.

“The neat part about the construction site right now is that you can actually see the contours of where the race track is going to be,” said Hahn.

“The difficult story to tell about the site is the scale of this project.

“The track itself is 3.4 miles from a loop standpoint, but the property and how it fills up that space is just astonishing.” 

Locals in Elroy have also noticed the dramatic changes to the site.

“I’d say not more than less than two months ago, there was a whole field of trees, brush and everything, and within the last month it’s completely bare,” said Graham Sonnenberg, owner of The Elroy Café which is located just down the road.

The United States Grand Prix has not appeared on the Formula 1 calendar since Lewis Hamilton won for McLaren in Indianapolis in 2007.

The sport’s reputation in the US was tarnished in 2005 when only six cars competed after when Michelin-supplied teams pulled out. This followed several tyre failures during the weekend, one of which caused Ralf Schumacher to crash his Toyota at the final corner.


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